Madrid Foro Empresarial

Madrid Foro Empresarial is the answer from the business community to the pressing need to convert the Madrid Community in a favourable space for the business activity, and enhance the role of entrepreneurship in social life, with the commitment of work, support and resources to channel the best solutions.

It’s a space for intellectual reflection of the business community about all the subjects and topics that affects, in one way or another, the interests of the Madrid entrepreneurs, articulating the results of the reflection in particular proposals to be presented in Public Administrations, Political Parties, Institutions and others groups of interests, in order to be incorporated in their own areas of action and decision.

We’re entrepreneurs, directives and professionals multidisciplinary and with vast experience and knowledge in the business activity. We’re committed to revitalizing the economic activity of Madrid and impregnate with illusion the Madrilenian society, generating well-being and employment.

MFE is available to companies, economy and Madrilenian business intelligence society through the proposal of ideas and solutions address to the improvement of the competitive and organizational leadership. For this, we have created a series of Work Groups, led by professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge on subjects related to the business activity. Any member of the forum can be part of them, as well as people with special relevance within the subjects to be treated.

The topics and subjects to treat could be suggested by any member of the Organization, with the endorsement of at least five of its members as well as the proposal of the Executive Committee. The results obtained will be shared with the media to generate an estate of favourable opinion to our proposals and will also be spread through the organization of other actions such us conferences & informative breakfasts.

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